Aug 04

歐洲Vodafone推出HTC Desire 更新 – 但它不是FroYo …



剛看到一篇由EuroDroid釋出的報導, 歐洲Vodafone今天已釋出了htc Desire的更新 – 但這次更新卻不是廣大用戶一直期望的Android 2.2。

相反,今天的Vodafone Desire 只更新了 splash screen, 改變了主頁, 一般的更新 和 某些Vodafone的應用程序 – 這真是相當令很多Android手機用戶感到沮喪。


“Vodafone put out an update for the HTC Desire, but much to the annoyance of all the people on Vodafone’s forums the update wasn’t actually Froyo.  It was just a load of bloatware from Vodafone, including amazing features such as a new Vodafone Splash screen and whole load of pointless Vodafone applications and bookmarks. A lot of very angry Desire users on VF basically. Thought you might just be amused by this anecdote, that is anyone might be amused, unless they are using the Desire on Vodafone!”

via EuroDroid